December 8, 2019

Golf Lessons by a PGA Professional

Get professional golf instruction by a local Life Member of the PGA of America! I offer standard lessons and playing lessons! Email or call to book your time in my appointment book ASAP! This will be a relaxed and enjoyable learning experience. I welcome all level of players fro beginner to tour caliber.

mobile: (734)674-3433

• Location: Richmond

Forklift Certification

Forklift Train-The-Trainer 8 hr Course Content: All students/participants will complete forklift safety certification class presented by one of our professional trainers just like they are attending a forklift safety certification class. This includes classroom instruction, video presentation, written test, and hands on forklift operational driving test at the facilities.

Then we will delve deeper into the requirements of 29 CFR 1910.178 OSHA standard regarding Powered Industrial Trucks. Compliance issues, specific safety rules/standards for the industry and for the specific facilities will be studied and discussed to assure all students understand the basic concept of training requirements.

After much discussion and group training, students will be required to pass an Instructor Test to assure competence in the OSHA regulations. Students are required to study and present a portion of the classroom training for practice and evaluation purposes. Each student will be critiqued and helpful suggestions will be offered for trainer improvement.

Each Student Will Receive: (1) Forklift Operators Card valid for 3 years from completion date, (2) Forklift Train The Trainer Card with no expiration date, (3) Instructors Manual with all forms, quizzes, etc in 3-ring binder for easy duplication, (4) CD containing all items in Instructors book in electronic format, (5) DVD Forklift Training Video, (6) Power Point Presentation with further forklift training media, (7) Written copy of basic Forklift Safety Training Program (meets OSHA approval and all compliance guidelines) will be included in Trainer’s Manual.

Date of Course: Scheduled on an as needed basis.

Cost of Course: The cost of this 8-hour course is $800.00 per student (with a minimum of 4 students per class). *Price is negotiable for multiple students from the same company.

Regular Class Schedule For Individuals: We have classes most every Friday at our office starting at 9:00 am lasting till around 1:00 pm. Please call 281-353-1512 Monday – Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm or email us to schedule an appointment.

Location Address: 20519 Sunshine Ln. Suite B, Spring, Texas 77388.

Hypnosis Certification Class report ad

Learn how to hypnotize others, and do hypnosis correctly. You can earn ICBCH hypnosis certification and help people quit smoking, lose weight or benefit by managing pain, reducing anxiety and feeling happy.

Classes are open to all interested in hypnosis; and approved for LPC,LMFT, LCDC and Social Work CEU hours.

We also offer HOME STUDY DVD and Multi-media training programs! Earn basic certification in our 2-day class. You will be able to hypnotize others and begin using hypnosis after this class. Attend our advanced classes, and you will learn to build effective solutions to a wide variety of needs.

Classes ongoing in The Woodlands, Sugarland and other areas. (We also offer classes in Dallas and Austin.)

Classes taught by Richard Nongard, a licensed marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Richard is the author of many textbooks on medical meditation and clinical hypnosis.

Call 1 (800) 390-9536 to sign up

Residual Income Opportunity

Are you looking for a business opportunity? This article will inform you about one of the Best Residual Income Opportunities available.

Unlike regular affiliate programs that pay you a commission for each sale or referral you make, Multi Tier Affiliate Programs pay you on all of the sales and referrals you make, and then on all of the action that takes place in your downline. Multi Tier Affiliate Programs are awesome, but there is an income opportunity that can even make the multi tier opportunity look like child’s play! And these are…

Multi Tier Residual Programs!

Multi Tier Residual Programs, or Opportunities as they are called, provide you all of the benefits that multi tier affiliate programs give you BUT the residual income opportunities pay you, well, residually!

This means that after you, or someone in your downline makes a sale or referral, you continue to earn the commission residually, month after month or year after year. Why is this important? Well Residual income opportunities allow you to maximize on earning potential because as you make more and more sales or referrals (or if anyone in your downline does) then you continue to receive these payments for the lifetime of the customer or affilate.

To learn more about this residual income opportunity visit:

Best Residual Income Opportunity

Houston Pennysaver – Texas Classifieds

The Houston Pennysaver is a neighborhood tradition dedicated to serving families and businesses in Houston and the surrounding areas.

The Pennysaver is ever evolving to meet the challenges of the communities we serve. Before the rise of the internet our printed publications were the most trusted and reliable way to get local community information and ‘what’s new news’ delivered to your door step for free!

These days things have changed but what hasn’t changed is that the communities we serve still rely (and yes insist) that the Pennysaver be printed and distributed within their community. You see in a world of digital information, it is nice to unplug from the net and pick up a printed publication and get your hands dirty, tocuh and feel the information you are connecting with, and know that some things great still hold true.

The Pennysaver has stepped up to the new age of digital information. With an advanced online community website loaded with the latest tools and technologies we are able to provide you with the digital services you have come to expect in this day and age.

But that’s not all…

The Pennysaver has professional web designers, digital graphic artists, internet marketing specialists and an ever growing roster of community bloggers which gives us the ability to not only meet your needs, but exceed them.

The Houston Pennysaver provides the tools and the technology that you would expect from a great community resource, yet it is the people of Houston that carry this great tradition forward!

If you are a business or offer a product or service then please contact us today to get your banner added to our site. We also have full marketing packages that will give you the big name brand at a small business budget.

If you operate in Houston, or would like to reach those in Houston, then contact us today.