Sunday, August 9, 2020

Come visit us at AIA Acuherb Clinic and Wellness center today. We are located in center of the Clear Lake Area.

1.We have very good new Asain massage therapists with strong hands that will relax your muscles & relieve your stress.All staffs are well trained.

NEW comfort & extra large table JUST ARRIVED. very comfort for massage by 4 hands. (New)*** , we also offer Couples Massage (NEW).
you can get full body massage or foot Reflexology treatment for your wellness in seround relaxation music. THE HEALING POWERS OF MASSAGE WILL HELP KEEP YOU FEELING YOUR BEST. RENEW MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT.

your full body therapeutic acuprsure massage treatment will be stimulating,soothing and very relaxing – it’s all in nurturing touch.

We are new offering Steamed Herbal Compress to alleviate inflammation in sore joints, back(NEW) .

2.We have professional docter with OMD PHD Degree. practicing Tranditional Chnese Medicine, Acupunture,Cupping treatments and Herbal Formulas.We treat all kinds of pain,loss weight,chronic diseases and maintain your life in wellness condition.

3.We have full DAY SPA services. manicure , pedicure and Waxing. The professional medical Esthetician will take care your skin very well with herbal products,microdermabrasion, chemical peel…., we have special skills on Acne treatment.

4. during the grand opening, we will have TAIJI CLASS sign up,just $10.00/class, we have limitted number for the class,All ages welcome!! please call for your class spots and time.

PH : 281-461-6499 (o)

Hours : Monday – Saturday , 9:00 am -7:00pm
Sunday 12:00 am-7:00pm 16300 SEA LARK RD HOUSTON TX 77062